Data Eraser
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OS: Window 8 and 7/ Vista/ 2003/ XP/ 2000/NT
Version 1.5.0
Publisher: Technocom
Data Eraser

Interactive Tour (1/4) - Registration/Buy/Activate:

Q 1 . How to Register, Buy and Activate the software?
Registration window will be display in the un-registered version every time.

Register: for registering the "Data Eraser" please send to us your "Customer Id" from like the above window. After confirmation of payment we provide you an "Activation code" that register your Data Eraser.

you can payment for "Data Eraser", please click "Purchase" button in the above window by paypal or send to us cheque/DD in favour of "Technocom" payable at Delhi.

Evaluation: using the trial version of "Data Eraser" please click "Evaluate" button, it will provide you the limited functionality.

Activate: Please enter "Activation Code" which we provide you in the activation code text field and click "Activate" button.



Data Eraser

Interactive Tour (2/5) - How to use Data Eraser:

Q 2 . How to use Data Eraser?

  • Run this software and it will show you a dialog to set password to the "Data Eraser".
  • Set password is optional, if you not like to set password skip by click "Not now" button in figure 1.2
  • after setting password to the "Data eraser", a varify password will be shown in figure 1.2

  • Data Eraser
    Data Eraser
    figure 1.2
  • Now you are in the main window for removing or erasing files.
  • Add files and directories to the files list those you want to remove parmanently from the hard-drive.
  • Add files by click "Add Files" button and Add directories by click "Add Directory" button. in figure 1.3

  • Data Eraser
    Data Eraser
    figure 1.3
  • When you confirmed a list of files and directories for erasing click "Erase Data" button for erase selected files and directories in figure 1.4
  • To be sure it will again ask to erase files. in figure 1.4
  • After confirmation erase process will be started. in figure 1.5

  • Data Eraser
    figure 1.4
    Data Eraser
    figure 1.5

    Interactive Tour (3/5) - Use Options:

    Q 3 . Use Options?

  • using Options, click "Tool" menu and select "Options" menuitem in figure 1.6
  • Settings window will be shown as in figure 1.7
  • Here you can check "Run Data Eraser without Password Authentication", varify password window will not be shown at the start of the execution in figure 1.7
  • You can check "Remove Password", it removes all set password in figure 1.7

  • Data Eraser
    figure 1.6
    Data Eraser
    figure 1.7

    Interactive Tour (4/5) - Files Filter:

    Q 4 . Change Password ?

  • click "Tool" menu and select "Change Password" menuitem in figure 1.6
  • change password dialog will be shown as in figure 1.8

  • Data Eraser
    figure 1.8

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