Marathi Excel Invoice Software
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Marathi Excel Invoice Software

OS: Window 8 and 7/ Vista/ 2003/ XP/ 2000/NT
Requirements: .Net Framework v2.0
Publisher: Technocom
Marathi Excel Invoice Software is devised with an intention to generate invoices in Marathi language. The software has mastery in making receipts quickly that is fully understandable by the customer. The structure of this tool is totally made in Excel that is why it is also known as Marathi Excel Billing tool.

This Marathi invoice generator has been rigged with the most amazing features that make invoice generation simple & straightforward. This apparatus is secured fully with password which ends all opportunities of forgery. Even users can set more than one company & clients as per the requirement. So if you wish to create a new company or client though you have created one then don’t worry, you can still make a new one.
The options given in this Marathi billing software allots huge alternatives to the users for numerous purposes. You can add numerous product details for lots products categories like clothing, food, cosmetics, etc. This feature is more favorable for the department stores. Suppose a product will be out of stock soon & user doesn’t know about it still you don’t have to worry because the software has alarm that warns you about the product i.e. getting short. You just have to set the alarm at a mark you want it to warn. Along with the divisions of products you can also change various fields. For e.g. the tax field which you can alter it depending upon the fluctuation of it.

The tool can also generate reports about sales representative, company, products, sales, etc. So the tool not only makes receipts but also gives you power to make changes. This Marathi Invoice generator is adaptive to all versions of MS Excel. You can install & execute it in 2013, 2010 or 2007. The speed & accuracy of this amazing Marathi Billing Tool reduces the work time & effort of the user. We can undoubtedly say it is a multitasking tool and also the best Billing tool in Marathi language.
  • The tool can generate invoice in Marathi language.
  • It can make invoice in quick speed.
  • Users can create numerous company & clients.
  • There are options to make different categories for products.
  • It is fully secured by password.
  • Tax fields can also be changed.
  • This tool is adaptive to all versions of MS Excel i.e. 2013, 2010 & 2007.
  • It is the best software to generate invoice in Marathi language.
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  • Install & run the software. Now login as Administrator and use the password Demo.
  • A dialog box will appear to create a new company account or you can skip the step and use ‘Demo Company’.
  • After selecting Company you will see a Wizard Dialog Box which will guide you through for selecting Company, Client and Invoice Details.
  • Finally you will see the Application Main Screen.
  • On the left side you will find a Panel with all the required Steps to create an Invoice.
  • On the Right Side you will see an ‘Invoice Template’.
  • Just Select the Invoice Details, Tax or Discount Fields etc.
  • Add the ‘Product’ from Product List by Double-Click on its Name.
  • Press ‘Apply Changes’ from Panel.
  • Press ‘Print Invoice’.
System Requirements:

  1. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
  2. .Net Framework v2.0


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