Advance Data Copy Tool
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Advance Data Copy Tool

OS: win10, win 8 and 7/ Vista/ 2003/ XP/ 2000/NT
Requirements: No Special Requirements
Publisher: Technocom

Advance Data Copy Tool, Copy and Move Data from one Computer to Another computer with Same or Custom Date & Time. Advance Data Copy Tool capable of working in network. User can choose date & time of the moving or copying data (folders and files). Advance Data Copy Tool is very useful tool for user who wish to shift the data (folders and Files) from one computer to another computer with same date & time Or set custom date & time of the moved data. Advance Data Copy Tool have Advance features of copy or move data from one Hard Drive to Another Hard Drive with Same or Custom date & time.

Advance data copy tool is the best way to transfer or copy data from one place to another or from one system to another. There are multiple benefits of this data copy tool that place it on the top of the list of data transferring tool. The biggest advantage of having this tool is the date and time of the folder and files remains same as it was earlier which means there will be no changes while shifting data. Offices that have their PCs connected through network can savor the benefits of this software. The tool will work in all variants of windows you put it in which makes the best software to copy data from one to the other.

  • Keeps same Date-Time of folders and files when moving or copying data from one harddrive to another harddrive.
  • User can set Custom date & time of Copied or Moved Data;
  • Advance Data Copy Tool is a fast software to copy or move data.
  • Have Advance features of copying or Moving Data.
  • Can process multiple files, folders in one Click.
  • Advance Data Copy Tool can process Directory & Sub-Directory.
  • Preview result mode, detailed error reporting with error-cause.
  • Select Files & Folders for copy or Moving from one Location to Another Location of same harddrive or in network, from one computer to another computer.
  • Browse for destination folder (Location) where you want to save the data.
System Requirements:

  1. Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
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