Excel Fast Utilities
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Excel Fast Utilities

OS: Window 8 and 7/ Vista/ 2003/ XP/ 2000/NT
Requirements: MS Excel 2007 or Later version is required.
Publisher: Technocom
Excel Fast Utilities is an amazing excel software that can remove scrap data from excel sheet without wasting anytime of the user. The tool is capable of removing gaps, spaces, duplicates, and many other things in huge amount from excel sheets. This Excel space remover can remove all these things from selected cells, rows, columns and sheets. The tool is very quick in catering accurate results. This Excel Fast Utilities Software has some revolutionary features that were not present in other Excel Fast Utilities tools earlier. The tool can remove tedious data from lots of excel sheets. It has the ability to remove duplicates of texts, alphabets, digits, numbers and even characters that are present in excel sheet. All the files in which changes are being made can be saved in a folder chosen by the user.

One of the unique features of this Excel Fast Utilities Software is that it can merge and split sheets and workbooks MS excel. With this option users can merge many sheets and workbooks into one and can also split one sheet or workbook into many. It also has choice to remove empty sheets, rows & columns from excel files. So these are the features that make it a different from the queue of best Excel Fast Utilities tools.

In the field of operation this is the easiest tool to handle. All the choices and commands have been placed in such a way that this tool can be handled easily for daily work. There are majorly three functions choose & drop the files. Then select the option according to the change you want to make and at last click on start to begin. It is such a simple tool to operate. After the work is over user can save the files in a target folder assigned by the user.
  • Excel Fast Utilities is a tool that assists in cleaning the excel sheet from unwanted data.
  • It can remove tedious data like duplicates, spaces, gaps, etc. from excel within seconds.
  • The tool is an expert in removing duplicates like digits, numbers, alphabets and even characters from excel.
  • It can clear spaces both leading & trailing and extra spaces from workbooks and sheets.
  • This software can also merge and split sheets & workbooks in excel.
  • The tool can process excel files of all formats like .xls, xlsx, .xlsm, etc.
  • The tool has option to save the files in which changes have been made in a target folder designated by the user.
  • It can work in all versions of MS Excel i.e. 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003.
  • The delivery speed and accuracy of results make this tool the best Excel Fast Utilities tool amongst all.
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How it works :

  1. First step: click on ‘Add Files’ and ‘Add Folder’ to Add Excel Files to the list.
  2. Second step: Select Command Type from meno bar.
  3. Third step: Click on Start button.
  4. Also change or set location for processed files.
  5. Open target folder to check the result.
System Requirements:

  1. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Office 2000 or Later


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