Advance Bulk Mailer
Price $69.95

Advance Bulk Mailer

OS: Win7/Win8/win10/ Win XP/ Vista/ 2003/ 2000/NT
Requirements: Internet Connection
Publisher: Technocom
Advance Bulk mailer tool is an innovative step towards fulfilling the need of emailing software. This unique piece of art has all the features that are needed while sending mail messages to a large number of recipients. Users can use this tool to deliver messages to infinite number of people. Users can also send personalized mails to some chosen recipients or some selected group they have made. So they have the freedom to send emails to people they want in the amount they wish to with this emailing software. User can personalize the email. you can send thousand's of emails in some minutes.

This email marketing software has much more to offer than just delivering mails. The content (that you have written for mails) can be saved for future use so that you don’t have to write it again & again. Also users can create templates of their own & save it to utilize regularly. Users can dump a list of email ids if they have one and use it in sending mails. Thus the task doesn’t end till just delivering messages but something more than that.

In short this small tool has big things to offer in the category of email marketing software. It has been devised to perform in all conditions it is put in. This is the best mail sender software available in the market at this reasonable price.
  • Advance Bulk Mailer tool can send mails in bulk to numerous recipients.
  • Users can send mails to thousands of recipients in one click.
  • It is the fastest tool to send 1000's of emails in some minute
  • The software has options to send personalized mails to some selected persons.
  • Users can dump email ids already saved in excel or TXT file and can send mails to them.
  • User can save the content of mail for his/her future use also.
  • The software provides a detailed log sheet with the report of sent & failed mails.
  • User can send mails to a particular group also.
  • If the list of email ids is newly formed then it can be saved after the mails are sent.
  • The software is best for the organizations that do Online business.
  • It is the best option in the field of bulk mailers.

How it works :

  1. Make several free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail,Lycos & others.
  2. Configure our software to use these free emails accounts.
  3. Load Excel, csv or Txt files with emails.
  4. Make an Custom email Campaign ready.
  5. Use custom field like name, other detail from the data.
  6. Start sending emails.
  7. To know more about the Bulk Mail Software.
  8. Compatible with the given to right side.
System Requirements:

  1. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
  2. .Net Framework v4.5
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