Word to PDF Converter
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Version 2.2
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Word to PDF Converter

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How to Convert Word to PDF Files?

Interactive Tour (1/2) - Registration/Buy/Activate:

Q 1 . How to Register, Buy and Activate the software?

Registration window will be display in the un-registered version every time.

Register : for registering the "Word To PDF Converter" please send us your "Customer Id" from the Below window by click "Register" button. After confirmation of payment we provide you an "Activation code" that registers your "Word To PDF Converter".

Buy: for payment for "Word To PDF Converter", please click "Purchase" button in the window like above or send to us cheque/DD in favour of "Technocom" payable at Delhi.

Activate: Please enter your name in "Register to : " textbox and "Registration Key" which we provide you when you have bought the tool in the activation code text field and click Activate button.

TRY IT: You can use trial version of "Word To PDF Converter" by click "Evaluate" button. Trial version of "Word To PDF Converter" provides you the limited Features.



Interactive Tour (2/2) - Use Word To PDF Converter:

Q 2 . How to use Word To PDF Converter?

  • Run this software and add Microsoft Word files(.doc, .docx) and .RTF files.
  • Add Microsoft Word files(.doc, .docx) or .RTF files by click "Open File" button figure 1.2
  • Select Microsoft Word files which you want to convert to PDF files in figure 1.3

    Word To PDF
    figure 1.2
    Word To PDF
    figure 1.3

    You can add all MS Word files and .RTF files from a directory click "Add Folder" button, select a folder and click "ok" button as in figure 1.4, it will add all available .doc, .docx & .RTF files in selected folder.

    Word To PDF
    figure 1.4
  • You have to select destination/Output folder by click "Select Folder" button in figure 1.5
  • Now you are ready to convert all selected files to PDF files in figure 1.5
  • Finally click "Convert" button and process/conversion will be started as figure 1.5

  • word to pdf
    figure 1.5

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