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How to rename multiple files at once
Q 1 . How to Register, Buy and Activate the software?
Registration window will be display in the un-registered version every time.

  • Register: To register the "Batch File Rename" click on the "Enter Activation Key" Button and fill the Registeration Detail with the Activation Code.

  • Buy: You have to Buy "Batch File Rename" to get Activation Code. You Can Buy it by Clicking on "Buy Activation Key" button.

  • Try Demo: You can use demo version of "Batch File Rename" by clicking on "Continue in Demo" Button.

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    Q 2 . How to add Multiple Files and Folders?
    • Go to the list given on the left hand side or you can click on the option ‘Add Files’ given above.

    Batch File Rename

    Batch File Rename
    Q.3. How to select Multiple Files and Folders?
  • To select all files together click on ‘Check All’ but if you have to select individual files you can click on the check boxes shown with the files.
  • Batch File Rename
    Q.4. How to select destination folder?
    First check ‘Enable’ checkbox and then click on ‘Select’ option to copy or move the files after renaming in the destination folder.
    Batch File Rename
    Q.5. How to rename files and folders according to ‘File Name Property’?
    Select the check boxes to include the given options as per your choice. Rename file name from "File Name Property" option by giving prefix, file name, separater and unique parameter.
    Batch File Rename
    Q.6. How to rename file Extension?
    By using of wild card (*) you can get the subtext as you can see in bellow figures.
    Batch File Rename
  • Rename files manually with ‘Custom Rename.

    To rename files manually choose ‘Custom Rename’. After that Right Click on the file and you will get the option to rename manually at the last. Then you can make changes by going in ‘Custom Rename’ tab.
  • Batch File Rename
    Q.7. H How to Filter File as per Extension?
  • Choose extension from the box ‘Filename Filter’ so that files of only that particular extension should be there for Renaming.
  • Batch File Rename
    Q.8. How to Start the renaming process?
    Click on ‘Start’ and the work is done.
    Batch File Rename
    Q.9. How to Deactivate Software to transfer to other PC?
    Go to Help Menu. Now click on Deactivate option.
    Step 1 : Deactivate from current PC.
    Step 2 : Install the software on new PC and Register it with same Activation Key.
    Batch File Rename Batch File Rename Batch File Rename