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This solution is aimed at the organizations looking for protecting their content while distributing. This solution helps organizations to protect the documents in PDF format from being copied, printed and freely distributed. It comes with custom PDF reader that communicates with the permission server to give access to the document.

The PDF's documents are encrypted before they are distributed to the users. The users have to register their machine with the permission server before they can open the PDF document. Since the documents are encrypted they cannot be read by regular PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All the saved documents have to be opened / viewed with our custom PDF reader. Permission server can be programmed to grant access based on machine id or user as to when and how the document can be accessed. Even the printing or view counts can be controlled if required. This solution gives complete access control over the PDF documents as the organization may require it.

DRM as a concept is rather like ‘A man for all seasons.' In other words, it does not matter what your information control problem is, then DRM can solve it.
Well, let us look carefully at what DRM can realistically offer.

First off the bat, so to speak, is the ability to see the information at all. This may be to read some text, watch a video, see a film, and hear some music. This is likely to be the most important of all, because once you have seen a work (whether copyright of secret) then you have it imprinted on your brain (assuming both that the work had any value and the recipient any brain).

The second thing that DRM may be able to do is limit the recipient's right of reproduction of the information. That may be to allow them to watch a subscribed video or hear an audio, obtain a copy, say, by sending it to a printing device.

But, of course, this could be difficult to control. After all, once a video is available to watch then it is a fairly trivial affair to copy it and then reproduced as. Or perhaps it is copied or transferred  out several times using controls, or through the operating system of the computer, or perhaps it is actually sent to a file in a form that allows it to be watch again. There is the same problem that once it is on a computer screen it is possible to take a digital photograph and import the picture into the computer. This works fine with video but is not so good with graphics because of loss of quality.

When you are dealing with music or sound, because it is possible to record the signal that is being sent to the loudspeakers and in film/video because you can have a camera record either the visual image on the screen or collect the signals being sent to the playback device. Again there are usually losses of quality, but it is very difficult to prevent this kind of copying.

Perhaps easier is the ability of DRM controls to prevent someone from being able to readily copy the original file (whatever its contents) and distribute it to anyone they choose. Here DRM can work to create files that cannot be readily processed unless the person trying to process it has a provable authority.


  • Roles Management
  • Rights Management
  • User Authentication
  • Upload the Document Search
  • Auto PDF conversion
  • Encryption of Data
  • Auto time stamp
  • Keywords or Tags
  • Review queue
  • Printing
  • View, print Counters
  • Access history
  • Custom PDF Reader to view the document
  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Web Security
  • N-tier layered application